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“The first time I ever heard Alanna’s music and wonderful voice I knew she was the real deal”
- Ron Sexsmith

"A voice that's fresh and believable"
- MAG Australia

"Alanna Cherote's 'Paperflower' offers one glorious tune after another"
- Mark Rheaume, CBC Radio

Sydney-based artist Alanna Cherote comes from a large musical family and grew up listening to the likes of Bob Dylan, The Carpenters, Patsy Cline, Roy Orbison, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and many more iconic artists. She also found herself listening to powerhouse artist Janis Joplin. 


“When I heard Janis Joplin sing for the very first time, I knew that a little bit of my destiny had changed forever. I always dreamt about searching deep within myself as a writer, to find that connection that I had seen between Janis and her fans.” 


Alanna has blessed stages all over the world with her unique blend of folk, rock, country and blues. Her act has taken her through Canada, England, Europe and the US, and of course her homeland Australia. During this time she has worked with many of her idols, including legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith.


Her debut album ‘Paperflower’ received rave reviews from listeners and critics alike, being described by CBC Radio’s Mark Rheaume as “one glorious tune after another”. It’s single ‘Street Girls’ was also rated as Explore Music’s “Indie Track of the Month” by prominent Canadian radio host Alan Cross.


Alanna’s 2020 EP ‘Taboo’ showcased her raw talent both as a singer and a songwriter. The titular single draws inspiration from Pat Benatar and she mentions channeling two of her favourite artists Lykke Li and Joan As Policewoman. This tune has delighted fans across the globe with it’s catchy guitar riffs and upbeat chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head.


Now, Alanna surprises us once again with her brand new single “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”An incredibly soulful rendition of a timeless piece, demonstrating her ability to explore tender and vulnerable themes, highlighted by beautiful lilting melodies.


Alanna Cherote is looking forward to releasing her new body of work ‘The Music in Me’ with co-production hands from Canada, Melbourne and Sydney.

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